Available October 21 - Montpellier UK WC19X 19 Bottle Wine Cooler – ChillingWine
Montpellier WS19SDX 19 Bottle Wine Cooler-Montpelier-ChillingWine
Montpellier WS19SDX 19 Bottle Wine Cooler-Montpelier-ChillingWine
Montpellier WS19SDX 19 Bottle Wine Cooler-Montpelier-ChillingWine
Montpellier WS19SDX 19 Bottle Wine Cooler-Montpelier-ChillingWine

Available October 21 - Montpellier UK WC19X 19 Bottle Wine Cooler

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Why Buy From ChillingWine

Montpellier WC19X 19 Bottle Wine Cooler coming in soon - stock is low everywhere so get your pre-order in now.

This stunning WC19X Stainless Steel Wine Fridge will keep your wine at the perfect temperature. This model holds up to nineteen* × 75cl Bordeaux style bottles of wine at a temperature that can be set at 2°C to 20°C.

*19 bottle capacity based on bottles being double stacked neck to base on each shelf. Built-Under or Free-Standing.

These refrigeration products are as safe as possible for UK households.
These models have had their backing updated to either an aluminium foil covered back, or a full metal back.
You can rest assured knowing that your refrigerator has been manufactured with fire safety in mind.

The flame retardant backing chosen for our refrigeration product goes beyond the current government guidelines. It also exceeds the guidelines set out by the government for the coming year (2019).


Key Info

• 6 Beech Shelves
• Capacity 19 Bordeaux Style 75cl Bottles
• Digital Display
• Touch Key Control
• Smoked Tempered Glass
• Blue LED Lighting
• Anti-fingerprint
• Stainless Steel

Tech Spec

• Temperature Range +2 – +20OC
• Energy B
• Noise Level 39 dB
• Climate Class N (16°C - 32°C)
• Energy Consumption 169 kWh (annual) Features Circulated Cooling Fan,
• Touch Controls,
• Blue LED Lighting,
• Reversible Doors, Vibration Free
• Colour Stainless Steel
• Dimensions H870-890 W295 D570mm
• Guarantee 2 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee
• Energy Rating B
• Height: 870mm Width: 295mm Depth: 570mm

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