Zero Delivery Charges SWISSCAVE 1-zone wine refrigerator WLB-460FLD-MI – ChillingWine
Save TODAY & Zero Delivery Charges SWISSCAVE 1-zone wine refrigerator WLB-460FLD-Swisscave-ChillingWine
Save TODAY & Zero Delivery Charges SWISSCAVE 1-zone wine refrigerator WLB-460FLD-Swisscave-ChillingWine
Save TODAY & Zero Delivery Charges SWISSCAVE 1-zone wine refrigerator WLB-460FLD-Swisscave-ChillingWine
Save TODAY & Zero Delivery Charges SWISSCAVE 1-zone wine refrigerator WLB-460FLD-Swisscave-ChillingWine
Save TODAY & Zero Delivery Charges SWISSCAVE 1-zone wine refrigerator WLB-460FLD-Swisscave-ChillingWine

Zero Delivery Charges SWISSCAVE 1-zone wine refrigerator WLB-460FLD-MIX

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Why Buy From ChillingWine

The SWISSCAVE 1-zone wine refrigerator WLB-460FLD-MIX wine cooler comes with its premium GASTRO features presenting your fine wines, prominently displayed at an inclination. Mix means mixed shelves, giving you 50% Burgundy and 50% Bordeaux. Your wine fridge also comes with a perfect light that goes throughout the cabinet and high-end dark red brown Sapele shelves. The wine refrigerator of dreams.

Like all wine coolers from the Black Edition series, it fits perfectly into your restaurant or in your house / apartment thanks to its stylish design. It can be used without door handle, which makes it optically perfectly centred. Handles are optionally available.

The GASTRO furnishing features high-grade, natural sapele (Mahogany) wood racks, as well as a subtle lighting throughout the cabinet. All racks from top to bottom are bathed in a soft, warm, white light which make the wine cabinet a visual magnet. No additional lighting is required to read the labels of the slightly tilted bottles on the presentation racks or on the extended flat shelves. The presentation racks are structured so that 6 bottles per shelf are prominently displayed in a tilted position. The tilted position allows you to keep already opened wine bottles cooled at optimal drinking temperature in the wine cooler. Behind the 6 tilted bottles, there is room to store 10-12 additional bottles, which allows for optimum usage of the available cooling volume.
• comes with wooden pull-out racks on steel ball bearings, lockable (with structure to position the wine bottle precisely) and extendable to 80% of ii’s capacity
• perfect view of the noble wines through full-surface, lockable insulating glass door with filigree black anodised aluminium frame
• shelves optimised for standard Bordeaux bottles
• reliable temperature control via digital temperature control and display
• gentle storage of your precious wines thanks to a particularly low-vibration compressor.

MIX = 50% Burgundy shelves (9 bottles per shelf) and 50 % Bordeaux shelves (11 bottles per shelf)

They alternate in the wine cooler. The customer can reshuffle the shelves inside as per their liking of course.

Tech Spec

Casing Black coated steel
Door glazing Fully glazed UV-resistant, gas-filled, with low energy panes equipped glass door (3-layer glazing)
Door frame Filigree edging made of black anodised, brushed aluminium
Door handle Black anodised, brushed aluminium (rectangular) Handles are optionally available here
Door lock Yes
Door hinge Right
Door hinge convertible as option (right to left) Yes
Product dimensions without door handle (H/W/D) 1720 x 595 x 725 mm
Packaging dimensions (H/W/D) 1750 x 630 x 762 mm

Temperature zones 1
Lighting White all-round lightning
Lighting on/off switch Yes
Number of shelves total 7
Number of display shelves (for perfect wine presentation) 7
Number of bottle levels max. 17
Shelf material Raw natural sapele (Mahogany) wooden display shelves with attractive grip bars
Telescopic shelves on extendable steel ball bearings Full extension shelves (80%)
Inside casing Black PUR/ALU

Scope of functions
Optimal usage Long-term storage and ageing
User interface 2 digital displays (set and actual temp.)
Active carbon filters (ensuring optimal air quality) Yes
Compressor Embraco Fullmotion (speed-controlled)
Coolant R600a (environment friendly)
Vibration free implementation Yes
Cooling system Combined fan and convection cooling
Defrost function Automatic
Temperature Memory Function (Power failure) Yes
Condensation water container Yes
Heating Yes (integrated powerful winter function)
Acoustic temperature alarm Yes
Acoustic door alarm Yes
Tilt protection Yes
Feet adjustable to compensate uneven floors Yes

Performance data
Bottle capacity (Bordeaux shape, part of shelves removed) 210
Bottle capacity (Bordeaux shape, all shelves inserted) 141/189
Space for oversized bottles (Magnum, 3lt.) On top and bottom shelf
Humidity 50 - 70% depending on ambient humidity
Actively managed humidity (adjustment range 60-85%) Optionally available (not afterwards upgradable)
Climate classification SN / ST
Volume 379 l
Noise level 38 dB(A)
Temperature zone 5°C - 20°C

General Information
Cooler shape Freestanding or built-in with shadow gap
Power cable length in m 1.5
Maintenance contract (warranty extension) This can be extended further here
Transport weight 125 kg
Net weight 110 kg
Power consumption per day 0.37 kWh (ca.)
Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz

Warranty, Shipping & Returns

After receipt of payment. Delivery times may vary depending on the product model and will be between 5 and 14 days. Delivery to UK addresses is from Milton Keynes.
Conditions for curbside delivery: Public access for the truck for unloading or delivery location must be guaranteed. Presence required for the delivery of goods and reachable via telephone. If a second delivery needs to be scheduled, the customer shall bear the costs.
Conditions for floor/dolly delivery: access to the point of delivery must be freely accessible and be sufficiently large-sized (no crane operations, removing/disassembling doors, spiral staircase, etc.). No installation or on-site changes (e.g. wall mounting, electrical outlets).
Note: After having placed the cooler on chosen location please do NOT POWER CONNECTION (as a protection of the compressor) for 12 hours. Accessories such as carbon filters and adapters are placed in an envelope on top of the cardboard box.
Transport damage: Any damage to packaging and appliance must be noted to the transporter immediately on receipt of the delivery in written on the delivery note or hand-held unit. Do lift the cardboard sleeve upward once having cut through the bandages to check the unit.

Conditions in case of curbside delivery:
The customer is responsible for providing a phone number in good time and in advance, where the customer is easily accessible for notification. The delivery company shall deliver the goods on the agreed date. On the day of delivery the buyer must be reachable at the phone number, also, inter alia, to discuss the exact transfer point and time with the delivery company. If the delivery company cannot deliver the goods, because the buyer was not reachable by phone during the agreed handover period and/or no one was present to take delivery of the goods, the buyer shall have to pay for the associated costs or the repeated delivery. SWISSCAVE supplies all parcels and pallets (if part of the contract) to the curbside. Floor deliveries can be offered by contract or can be ordered.

Conditions in case of floor delivery:

Public entrance to the receiving area must be guaranteed. Access to the place where the device will be used must be free and large enough (no cranes operating, no expanding doors, no spiral staircases, etc.). No installations or on-site changes (for example, no installation of fixed power connection in walls without socket).

End-user warranty conditions:
The SWISSCAVE 2 years product warranty (new equipment) covers repair and replacement parts, as well as transportation of the device to our repair centres e.g. the travel time of the technician (cheapest form). The general maintenance conditions of SWISSCAVE AG apply. A 6 month Bring-in warranty applies to replacement and demo units.

Returns & replacements:
ChillingWine customers can return the cabinet within 14 days. Transport costs will only be charged if the appliance is not returned in perfect condition. If the cabinet can no longer be used as new equipment, the customer may be charged an additional discount if he / she is at fault. In principle, the customer is obliged to hand over the device ready for transport when returning it.