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The Advantages to Using Wine Coolers and Fridges

A bottle of wine

If you are starting a collection of vintage wine and bottles, a wine cooler fridge is a sophisticated and practical addition to your kitchen. Most wine coolers are built to store several bottles in a shelf — something that your ordinary fridge cannot do — so you’ll find it handy in more ways than one.

So, is it a worthy investment?

Storing wine in a special cooler

With a wine cooler, you’ll have these benefits to be grateful for:

A wine cooler has controls that provide exactly the right conditions for wine

Unlike ordinary refrigerators, a wine cooler fridge is designed to provide the right temperature and humidity to ensure that the wine stays chilled and the cork doesn’t develop mold and mildew. Corks spoiled by mould can affect the taste of the wine. In fact, this is the reason why some wineries are not using corks these days.

But in the case that you prefer corked bottles, you can adjust the humidity and temperature of your wine cooler so your precious bottles are in perfect condition while in storage. 

With a conventional fridge, you might also have to worry about the beautifully printed label on the bottle being ruined by too much humidity or condensation forming on the outside. With a specialised wine cooler, you won’t have to stress about this.

There is an order to your wine collection

Tired of trying to find that exquisite bottle your boss gave you this Christmas from the jungle of vegetables and fruits in the fridge? A wine chiller is designed for wine bottles only, therefore, you won’t experience the mess of getting out a bottle with other stuff in the way. You have the freedom to stack your wines the way you want them to be.

It is less expensive than buying a fridge or building a cellar

Although a wine cellar is luxurious and perfect for a connoisseur, it takes ages to build one and could cost you thousands of pounds. The cost of labour, materials, and utilities to build a cellar is just overwhelming. With a wine cooler, there’s no need to experience all that stress and mess. It works just like any appliance, so installation is just as easy as every other appliance you have.

And since it is designed to store one type of product only, the cost of production for this appliance is lower than refrigerators. For that reason, you’ll save money buying it than getting a full fridge just to store your vintage bottles.

It is versatile

The product design for models of many wine coolers in the UK, such as the Swisscave Black Freestanding Wine Cooler collection, is so versatile that it would look great in both your kitchen or wine shop. The sophisticated and modern design adds to the aesthetics of any space. 

And if you have a wine shop, this luxurious design would definitely entice your customers to not just try a wine, but also buy a bottle. It is a great marketing tool in itself, as many wine connoisseurs enjoy the attractiveness way their wine collection is displayed.

Wine fridges: features and advantages

Bottles with Wine

As mentioned above, wine coolers and refrigerators are two different appliances designed to meet different standards. The former is specifically designed to adequately store wine bottles, while fridges are built to store generic food and beverages. So, how else do they differ?


Refrigerators are designed to drop the temperature to a chill to keep humidity away for the purpose of storing food and drinks and making them last longer. This means that all the contents in the fridge are kept at the same temperature, even though different food and drinks need to be stored at different temperatures.

Wine coolers, on the other hand, feature the opposite. It keeps both humidity and temperature at a certain level (depending on the wine type), to ensure the best storage capability for every bottle.


It takes time to master the art of smelling good wine, but it wouldn’t take 2 minutes to identify the smell of shrimp in your Pinot Noir. That’s why your bottles shouldn’t be kept in the fridge along with foods, especially those that have a distinctive smell like cheese, sea animals, and spicy dishes. 

Food and beverages should be sorted from expensive bottles of wine, as their smell could affect their taste, and that isn’t a good thing.


Wine chillers have racks and shelves that are fitted for wine bottles. These racks are built to hold a bottle of wine the right way. 

Fridges have different compartments to store all perishables, including shelves, and a freezer for frozen goods. This means there is no designated space for anything, and you can end up squeezing things together haphazardly that could fall out.

Adding value to your home using wine fridges

That concludes the wine cooler fridge battle between features and benefits. Of course, they serve useful and different purposes, but when it comes to wine storage, a wine cooler wins the game. 

The best thing about this appliance is that it does not only store wines and keep them at their perfect temperature, but also adds an attractive and modern vibe to your kitchen. Indeed, it is a worthy investment. 

So, what are you waiting for?