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Making Wine a Statement Piece in Your Home

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If you are a wine lover, why not decorate your home with something that speaks of your love for it? Instead of storing your wines somewhere hidden, you can arrange the wine bottles beautifully at a wine rack cupboard to create a remarkable statement piece in your home. It’s not only a perfect wine storage solution but also a visually appealing centrepiece that your family and friends can take delight in.

Wine wall ideas that will truly create a “wow” factor

There are a lot of wine wall designs you can incorporate in your home. It doesn’t matter if you own a large wine collection or just starting one. You can show your love for wines through different styles.


Nothing beats the elegant finish that glass can offer. A glass cover can create a stunning focal point. Also, don’t forget to add a wine-specific HVAC system to make sure you preserve the quality of your wine.


Give your stairway a unique look by transforming it into wine storage. Instead of leaving a blank space under the stairway, wine bottles can be displayed in this area. When done carefully, this can add overall value to your home. Tip: Follow the shape of the stairs to establish an attractive symmetry.


Classic cabinets and wainscoting never fail to give homes with traditional appeal. Remember to use woodwork that mixes well with the universal look of your home. Kitchen cabinets as wine storage are a practical option that is simple yet produces timeless beauty.

LED Lights

How about combining LED lighting with your wine supply? There are wine racks that come with LED lights. The special glow enhances your wine display in an instant.

Abstract Art

We are used to seeing wine walls with a massive display of wine bottles. However, you can also use a small space to display about 10-20 bottles. Look for areas in your home where you can install a wall-mounted wine wall for your humble wine collection, instead of a picture frame or painting.

Deciding on the style

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The style of your wine wall will depend on the characteristics of your home. Each wine rack cupboard is made of different materials. These are the common wine rack materials you can choose from:


Wooden wine racks can suit any kind of wall. Some even use wine racks made of recycled barrel staves which transports people to the world of wineries. Oak, Mahogany, and Pine are some of the wood types used for wine racks.


If you want to go for a modern look, metal is a good choice. Metal wine racks are lighter in weight, thus, offering an opportunity to stock more wine bottles. It may not be as fancy as wood, but, it puts the wine in the foreground.

Wrought Iron

Some homes are decorated with rustic and classic interiors. If this is the case for you, then choose a wrought iron wine rack. It is durable and long-lasting and can suit contemporary, antique, or other kinds of styles.

Stainless Steel

Wine racks that are made of steel are perfect to be used in the kitchen. This is because of its corrosion and staining resistance features. Therefore, it can maintain its quality and appearance for a longer period.


Another wine rack material is plastic. It can be made as a stylish accent either at your kitchen or living room. Plus, plastic wine racks can easily be stacked to any shape.

Now that you have an idea about what wine rack material to choose for your home, let’s proceed to the other important factors.

Ideal Spot

To keep your wine in good shape, you must store it in a cool place with a high level of humidity. Ideally, the temperature should be kept at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take 3 to 5 degrees. Find a cool and dry location at your home so that your wine will not deteriorate.

Storage Capacity

A wine rack cupboard can hold wine bottles in various sizes and amounts. One 750ml bottle approximately weighs 3 pounds. Make sure that the wall-mounted structure will be able to support the weight of your wine bottles.


You can choose a wine rack that stores wine bottles the way you like. Some bottles can be stored horizontally on their sides or at an angle with their necks facing downwards. Other wine racks can either store the bottle in full or just the bottle’s neck or shoulder.

Choosing the best wines for display

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Wine collectors usually choose dry red wines since they age gracefully. You may also add dry white wines but some of them can only be stored within months up to a few years. Sample of wines that benefit from ageing includes Graves, Medoc, Pomerol, Pommard, and St Emilion from France. From Australia, Penfolds Grange is a perfect wine that gets finer as it ages. The USA also has the Premium California Cabernet Sauvignon which greatly improves in time.

Wines labelled as “table wines” are meant to be devoured within a few weeks. Most wines displayed at stores should be consumed at least within five years. Check out the recommendations of other wine connoisseurs on where you can buy the best wines for your collection.