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How to Find the Quietest Wine Fridge

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Sipping on a glass of wine is a great way to wind down after a long day. But certainly not when your wine fridge cabinet sounds like an aircraft carrier or crickets chirping loudly.

If the hum drowns out your fun, turn that unused basement into a wine cellar. If it isn’t an option just yet, then shop for the quietest wine chiller you can buy.

Just how noisy is a wine fridge cabinet?

Well, some are just noisy enough to take out the relaxation you‘re looking for while enjoying your rosé. Most wine cooling machines generate noise levels of around 35 to 45 decibels (dB), which is a tad bit higher than your standard modern fridge (about 35 dB).

To explain it better, you’ll want to look for something that is probably like a whisper as opposed to the ambient sounds typical in a farm animal sanctuary.

A wine cooler needs more bits and bobs, including a compressor, a refrigerant circuit, and a system of fans, so it can maintain a constant temperature. Electric fans maintain an even temperature and prevent the formation of frost inside the cabinet. The more fans a wine cooling cabinet has, the more noise it produces.

A compressor system cools the air by pumping a chemical refrigerant through coils. The refrigerant then absorbs heat from the air inside the fridge and releases it into the air outside your fridge. The compressor is the part of your fridge that you hear humming when it's running. Large compressors can get loud when they cycle on, so check the decibel level.


Today’s modern homes are partial to big open spaces and clean lines. This combination allows sound to travel easily throughout the home’s interior. If you’re keeping wine in the drawing-room, changing furnishings can be a quick fix for that noisy wine chiller. You can also swap drapes for heavy curtains and add carpet to the floor.

Look for quieter models

If the hum still bothers you after making changes to your interiors, it is not too late to change your noisy wine fridge into something quieter.

Some of the quietest wine fridges on the market today

Here are two of the quietest wine fridge cabinet options that you can have:

HUSKY-HN6 Slimline Drinks Chiller

HUSKY-HN6 Slimline Drinks Chiller

This slimline refrigerated wine cabinet is ideal for storing a dozen standard 75cl bottles at the perfect temperature. Its compact size (635mm by 252 mm,) combined with virtually noiseless inner workings, makes this appliance perfect for that narrow corner in your study or that bar countertop. 

Hoover Candy 46 Bottle Built-in/Freestanding Dual Zone Wine Fridge

 Hoover Candy 46 Bottle Built-in/Freestanding Dual Zone Wine Fridge

Hoover Candy is one of the wine fridges that guarantee minimum vibrations, resulting in low noises. The dual-zone storage function makes it a suitable unit for chilling a variety of drinks at the same time, but at different temperatures.

More tips on choosing a quiet fridge for your home

The place where you plan to keep your new appliance will have a big impact on how much noise you can tolerate from the fridge wine rack system of your choice.  

So, if the level of noise is important to you, pay close attention to the type of cooling system the refrigerator uses. We’ve established that compressor systems do generate noise. Therefore, you should opt for a wine fridge cabinet with a thermoelectric system, as it uses no chemicals and runs by using electricity through a heat pump.  

While you are at it, it is important to choose energy-efficient appliances for many reasons, one of which is saving more on your monthly bills. Using energy-efficient products lessens the exploitation of natural resources, and conserving them is a way to achieve sustainable development.


Your wine fridge should not keep you from kicking in and relaxing at home. The appliance you choose should not ruin a potential fun day or night. For this reason, you must be mindful of several factors when picking an appliance for wine storage. Also, buying the right wine cooler is essential for keeping top-quality signature bottles for years to come!