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Best Wine Cooler Designs and Inspiration

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Whether you love wines for yourself or sell them to other wine lovers, you need to store them properly. Even a minute change in temperature or humidity can already affect their flavour, aroma, and taste. 

For this reason, you need to have a wine rack. The term, though, can be broad that it may create confusion. Can it be a fridge, a cooler, or a chiller? What are the different wine rack ideas, and which ones will suit your needs and budget?

Ideal wine cooler features

So, can you use a fridge to store your wines? The answer is “sometimes, yes”. 

Though some types of wine can be displayed on an open shelf or at the counter of your kitchen or bar—these wines can still taste great even in warmer temperatures—you may only store them this way for a short period, say three to five days. Otherwise, they will begin to lose their distinctive qualities.

If you’re collecting or selling wines, it’s more ideal to keep them in wine coolers or chillers. 

To choose the right one, consider the following features:


These days, you’ll come across different wine rack ideas. These include the under-counter, freestanding, and countertop chillers: 

  • Because of their larger sizes, freestanding chillers can store the most number of bottles. 
  • Countertop chillers are great for homes with compact kitchens. They hold the least number of bottles. 
  • An under-counter wine fridge can be a crossover of the other two types. It uses lesser space than a freestanding chiller, but stores more bottles than a countertop chiller.

Temperature control

In general, wines can have ideal temperatures for storing and these vary with the type of wine that you have. It may help to pick a wine chiller that allows easy and convenient temperature control.

Rack orientation

The best way to store wines is sideways. It’s great when you want to show off the custom labels too. It also has a far more important reason: it keeps the cork moist, preventing air from entering the bottle, which may result in oxidation.


While some chillers have compressors like common fridges do, the best ones may use a thermoelectric cooling system. This system reduces vibrations that may move the sediments that can alter the taste or smell of the wine.

Top wine cooler designs

Wine cooler

With the important features in mind, you’re now ready to shop for your own chiller. Here are three wine rack ideas to check out:

Hoover Candy 7 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding Wine Fridge

This wine cooler is a great option if you are just starting out with your wine collection. Compared to other freestanding types, this model is slim. It can fit into narrow gaps in your kitchen. It also comes with an ultraviolet (UV)-resistant glass to prevent sunlight from changing the wines’ chemical composition.

Montpellier WS38SDDX 38 Bottle Wine Chiller

This is a good example of an under-counter wine cooler that can hold as many as 38 Bordeaux-style wine bottles. It is also a dual-zone chiller, which means you can set two different temperatures for the wines you store in it. This also allows you to separate wines for storage and for serving. 

Husky-HN6 Slimline Drinks Chiller

This countertop chiller offers different rack orientations. It provides a space for upright storage, which is ideal for opened bottles. Despite being small, it runs on thermoelectric technology, so it’s stable. It also has a digital display and touchscreen feature. 

Imagine having one of these luxurious-looking wine fridges in your home, your restaurant, or even your office. There are so many lovely designs to choose from that everyone can find one for their own unique taste. Everyone enjoys a quality glass of wine, whether you are sitting with your wedding planner planning the details of your big day, or discussing your year end accounts with your accountant. Good wine is something we can all enjoy together, no matter our background or profession.

What you cannot compromise is the quality of the wine bottles, more so if you’re making them a business. You cannot drink or serve guests something that doesn’t taste or smell perfection, can you?